Listeners say...

"Whether he's singing about love or drug addiction, the voice and warm
instrumentals by this one- man R&B band make you feel like everything's gonna be alright."
-Vibe Magazine

“Olu, definitely possesses a style of his own. If you’ve heard his music, you’d agree it’s good for the soul.
...We so need your inspiring 'keep it real' lyricism in mainstream today..this generation has no clue what they're missing. Bless U and please continue to let your light resonate thru the musical universe.." Submitted by deerose81

"His sound is very unique, it has a mixture of "old and new school". Olu, definitely possesses a style of his own. If you've heard his music, you’d agree. It’s good for the soul." Submitted by MargaretMadrid (Greer,SC)

"A cool, silky blend of R&B, Jazz, and Pop from a performer with a soulful voice and an equally soulful insight."
Submitted by Evan (Memphis, TN)

"People automatically want to compare Olu with his peers in the R&B/Soul genre. Before you compare him to his male counterparts however, truly listen to his sound/lyrics. I do hear hints of Brian McKnight, but I was reminded of Sade and Tracy Chapman to be honest. Anyway you examine it, Olu has joined exclusive company with this album."
Submitted by spreethang (Toledo, OH)

"Very versatile sound.... Can't wait for the next one."
Submitted by gefergus

"His voice is so cool. This is nice R&B, but not that cheap, cookie-cutter stuff like most everyone else is doing. Stuart Matthewman (Sade) worked with him so that speaks for itself."
Submitted by a reviewer (Fort Worth, TX, USA)

"Love this song... so smooth, and so prophetic too, it tells the story of so many young black women, and I applaud Olu for doing it. This is the type of music that is greatly needed today, not the negative crap that floods the radio airwaves with garbage. I
Ó don't know if he's still performing, but if he's not, I hope he will come back and continue to help carry the flame for positive, uplifting music, I know I'm thirsty for it, and I'm sure many of you feel this way also, a great song."
Submitted by